Costco shoppers are Flocking to buy a $150 dupe of an Anthropologie mirror that costs $1,200

Anthropologie mirrorCostco shoppers are Flocking to buy a $150 dupe of an Anthropologie mirror that costs $1,200: Customers comment on Costco’s sale of a fake premium Anthropologie mirror on social media after Costco and Sam’s Club shoppers are Flocking to buy a $150 dupe of an Anthropologie mirror that costs $1,200.

Earlier last month, pink Stanley cups were all the rage. Now, Anthropologie mirror are in.

Not just any floor mirror, though. Recently, thrifty shoppers noticed that a certain mirror from Costco mirrored one that was selling for about $1,000 more at the posh company Anthropologie.

Luisa Mirror ($1,198) at Anthropologie: “Delicate hummingbirds and gilded flowers adorn the trim of this ornate mirror,” reads the retailer’s website. It is 72½ inches high, 34¾ inches wide, and 2½ inches deep.

Though it’s not nearly as large, the Costco mirror is nonetheless striking. Instagram user @costconew said, “Anthropology dupe floor mirror at Costco  it comes in silver and gold $149.99 great price!!!”

Social media users generate discussion on the Costco floor mirror scam.
A lot of her 1.5 million followers were drawn to a video that TikTok user @costcohotfinds, who describes herself as a “Costco obsessed mom,” uploaded last week about the Ravena Floor Mirror ($149.99) at Costco. @costcohotfinds, who has 2.4 million followers on Instagram, posted a video there titled, “The Costco mirror is making its way around the regions, and it was well worth the wait! 30″ wide by 65” high.

The TikTok shopping team reported that the Ravena Floor Mirror soon ran out of stock at most locations. “I appreciate the tip. I received one today. Only five spots remain in Loves Park, Illinois,” one TikTok user said on January 10.

Two more days later, someone else remarked, “The item number is not found🙁 I checked online,”Several customers advised contacting nearby establishments as the mirror didn’t seem to be appearing in the Costco app.

The website Krazy Coupon Lady, managed by Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer, stated that the “this mirror’s availability is restricted to specific Costco locations and isn’t available online just yet.” You may get more information about this item, including price and availability, by contacting your neighborhood Costco and requesting information on item number 1695517.”

Costco has an Anthropologie Mirror Look-Alike for only $149.99.

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